Keryx Keryx: a universal
text display system

by Alpha&Omega Informational Services


Keryx is a software system designed for automatic and/or manual control of display monitors and the flow of text. It can be useful in a variety of practical fields, including:
  • facilities for the deaf and hearing-impaired
  • bi-lingual and multi-lingual audiences
  • religious services and preaching
  • social gatherings and events
  • lectures and seminars
  • public announcements -- etc.

Keryx offers the following features:

  • control of external monitors (Readers) from a central location (Dispatcher)
  • Dispatcher and Readers run on separate computers
  • Dispatcher is connected with the Readers by a computer network, by port-to-port wires, or both
  • easy control of automatic text flow
  • full on-line manual or combination control of the text flow, Readers, screen appearance etc.
  • complete Reader screen design, including sections with vertical/horizontal scrolling, captions, colors etc.

System requirements make Keryx affordable for everyone, everywhere:

  • Reader:
    • any computer with any display adapter running MS-DOS
  • Dispatcher:
    • any computer running MS Windows 3.1 or higher

Demonstration Package

Keryx Rev.1.03 is available free for demonstration and evaluation purposes. It allows you to run a demo on a single computer, with the Dispatcher and the Readers as windows on the desktop. At the same time, you can use multiple computers for a more realistic demonstration.

There are two versions of Keryx Rev.1.03, keryx.exe and keryx_c.exe. They are self-exracting packages, 0.6Mb in size, the latter having additional option of running a Reader with Cyrillic alphabet and related demo materials. Multi-language setting on your computer is not necessary for this option.

Please download either of the package files, place it in a separate directory and run it. Then follow the instructions included therein. They are very simple.

Hope you will like Keryx. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

Alpha&Omega Informational Services