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to the Seventh Commandment

licentious lifestyle marital infidelity breach of chastity sexual temptations
Description advertised on TV news and in magazines for teens crisis in the life of a family harmful disease of singles Freud thought he was the first to study them
Relation to social realm public public or private public or private always personal
How common in Christian life? impossible happens on rare occasions happens at times, more so at a young age continual, ubiquitous
Does the Church condemn it? yes, unconditionally yes, discretion required yes, with discretion and help only voluntary submission is condemned
What Christian teachings apply to it? none whatsoever on marriage and repentance on the calling to marriage or abstinence on the unseen warfare of soul
What should a Christian do about it? hate it stop it for good, and restore the life of the family get out of it, preferably through marriage persevere, with struggle, reducing the influence
Difference between pervert and "natural" drive no difference no difference in finding the way out of sin in making decision for or against marriage