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 Address line format:
 [class :] e-mail-addr [: field1 : field2 : ...]

   Class is any positive number;  if no class is specified, it is set to 1
   Field is any string with no colons; a line can have any number of fields
   Classes and fields are used for message macros
   Any e-mail address can look like "John Smith" <>

 Use Edit->Paste to put address list and message body in their places.

 There are two kinds of message macros: ClassChoice and InsertField
 1) ClassChoice:  choose alternative depending on the address class.
        Please send me @(5:2:10)lb @(of apples:of oranges)
   addressed to class 1, 2 and 3, will be sent as follows:
        Please send me 5lb of apples
        Please send me 2lb of oranges
        Please send me 10lb 

 2) InsertField: add text from a field in the address line
         Dear @1, I will see you @2.
   addressed to : John : next year : Mary
   will be sent as follows:
         Dear John, I will see you next year.
         Dear Mary, I will see you .

 a) Both message body and subject line can contain macros
 b) All fields get trimmed of leading and trailing spaces
 c) ClassChoice marcos can contain InsertField, but not vice versa